Conclusion of The Acacia Leadership Academy 2015

The week of A.L.A was more than a success for everyone that attended, specifically the Ohio University chapter. Throughout the week the Ohio chapter played key roles in various activities, and had some very distinguished moments as well. Avery Robertson our current New member educator was interviewed on the Adam Ritz radio show about the annual 5cacia event that is hosted by the Ohio Chapter of Acacia. The 5cacia is a 5k for pancreatic cancer and is hosted every year at Ohio University. Last year Acacia made up only 5% of greek life however, were able to raise 25% of all greek life philanthropy money.

The Ohio Chapter was also reunited with alumnus brother Jim Katsaounis #437. Katsaounis is currently Associate Vice President for University Communications at Drexel University in Philadelphia. Prior to joining Drexel in 2002, he was director of public relations for the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Pennsylvania from 1998-2002 and communications director for the Acacia Fraternity International Headquarters from 1997-1998. He has served the Ohio chapter in numerous positions as both an undergraduate and alumnus, and currently is the secretary to the Acacia Fraternity Foundation.

Jim Katsaounis was presented with the Award of Merit at the closing banquet of the leadership academy. The award of Merit is amongst one of the highest honors that can be bestowed upon an Acacian. The Award of Merit is given to “brothers who have given of their time and substance unstintingly for the promotion and furtherance of Acacia, both nationally and locally, and brothers who have rendered outstanding service in their chosen fields, and have attained high position therein, thus exemplifying the motto of Acacia, human service, and the teachings of the fraternity”.

All in all the 2015 Acacia Leadership Academy was a huge success. Year after year the fraternity grows and more chapters are in attendance. the next Leadership academy will be help in the summer of  2017 and is sure to make leaps and bounds from the one this year.


Nick Wolanczyk current senior dean (left) Avery Robertson current New Member Educator (middle left) Jim Katsaounis alumni brother and 2015 recipient of the award of Merit (middle right) Dalton Yost current public relations chair (right)


Alumni Brother Jim Katsaounis 2015 award of Merit recipient.

Kickoff Of The Acacia Leadership Academy 2015

Wednesday, July 29th at 3 p.m officially started the 11th installment of the Acacia Leadership Academy. With over 30 chapters in attendance, this years academy is shaping up to be one of the most successful A.L.A’s since the first, over 20 years ago. The acacia leadership academy happens on every odd year and alternates off with Conclave which is another national convention that happens on every even year.  The Academy takes place at the Indiana University chapter of Acacia which is returning this Fall for the first time in 4 years. Ideas are flying around and every brother is connecting and making bonds that will not only improve every chapter as a whole, but will create lasting friendships in the process. The Acacia leadership event will conclude on Saturday August 1st and is sure to send everyone back to their chapters with fresh ideas and eager attitudes.

Acacia house indiana

Indiana University Chapter House of Acacia


Launch Of The Acacian Station

Today marks the launch of the Acacian station which will be an informative website dedicated to the Ohio Acacia fraternity, to track the progress and strides that are taken every day in the Acacia fraternity. Things covered will range from philanthropy, sports, community involvement, to new ideas that form in our chapter meetings. This will be the go-to place for schedules, major/minor events, and ways that you can get involved in the change that the Acacia fraternity works to produce every day.